Closing Letter

With great sadness but tons of amazing memories I am sorry to announce that Colorful Creations will be closing July 30, 2011. How strange to say that, as I always saw the store in my future and in yours.

I opened my store 12 years ago as my youngest child entered kindergarten. I had left my career as a medical social worker to stay at home while my 3 children were babies and it was time for something new. Colorful Creations was born at the perfect time and I loved it.

With many wonderful customers and staff we grew from our store in Falmouth to our first Hyannis store to our current beautiful location on Main Street. I treasure the fact that our store became a spot for people to meet, make friends, and have fun!

Unfortunately, we all know the economy has made it very difficult for so many families. This translates to difficulties for retail stores too. The slow economy paired with the availability of internet shopping and national chain stores has made it too difficult to maintain a store here on Cape Cod.

I am excited to say that our Crop On The Cape weekends will continue with our next one being March 15-18 2012. This past March we had just shy of 300 participants and we expect the same next year! There will be lots of cropping time, great classes, and plenty of shopping.

We will continue with classes and crops while we are open. We hope you will join in and celebrate what has made our store great for so many years: creativity and you!

Thank you for being part of Colorful Creations,



About Colorful Creations

Our doors opened on June 17, 1999 to supply Massachusetts and beyond with a world of Scrapbook and Rubber Stamp supplies, instruction, camaraderie and inspiration. This stems from our ongoing love of rubberstamping and scrapbooking. Since our opening we have been told time and again that our selection is the best they have ever seen. Now in our fourth year we are continuously adding new products!

What Our Customers are Saying:

At Colorful Creations we strive to present to you a unique store to visit to get all of your paper crafting needs. We set high standards for our classes, store samples and products we carry. Especially in the summer months we have people travel from ALL over the world, where we hear how they wish they had a store like ours near them, or that we're the best store they have ever visited. Recently one of our regular customers was traveling and sent us this email on her return home:

subject: my observations and unsolicited praise

Hi Ladies, just wanted to send you a quick email regarding my recent trip to_________. Everyone has told me for several years that if I ever get to _____, I have to go to ________. That is was the best LSS and that they have everything. After visiting I can honestly tell you, ladies of CC, that everyone is wrong. Your store is FAR better in merchandising, inspiring, and conveying the community-minded store that you are. I was really un-wowed. But at the same time feeling happy that I live so close to a store of the Colorful caliber.

Yes, you have skewed my view on LSS forever.

Wow we were so excited by this high praise we had to share it!

"Hi Ladies, I just had to write to say how much I enjoyed the stamptoberfest this year. You really outdid yourselves. the projects were all awesome and the day was just so much fun. Kudos to the whole crew."

"Oh my god! Thatís a picture that I am putting into my all about me book! Thanks so much. I had soooooo much fun and met such a wonderful group of people. The owner of Colorful Creations should be very proud of her staff, they are very talented and friendly and I had such a good time. I canít wait to do it again. Thanks for the photo."
...Brenda Blais

"Hi Kim, Monique, Jayne, Jenn, Melissa, Dee, Bev, and all the rest,
Thank you to all of you who made this day possible. I understand the enormous amount of work that went into the planning and running of the event. And it was an event. A marvelous event. I can't believe how generous each one of the stores was. The goodie bags were awesome, as were all the prizes for the games and all that Kim gave away after we got back. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how fantastic it was. Super, super job you all did. I was so happy to be able to join in the fun. Can't wait for the next one."
...D. Roberge

"THANK YOU for a wonderful evening on Wednesday. Everyone had a terrific time! The make-and-takes were excellent and so much fun to do. The treats were so yummy. The discounts were so generous. And the hostesses (and bartender) were THE BEST! WA-HOO!! Can't wait for the next party."
...Mary K

"I recently stopped in your store while on vacation. I was in scrapbook heaven. I really enjoyed your store and wish I lived closer so I could come more often. I do however plan on coming to the seaside getaway in September. Keep up the good work. P.S. I loved the layouts you had hanging on the wall. They were beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

"I just recently adventured out to Cape Cod with my friend Delaney (15) and her family this past week and happened to stop by your store. I absolutely loved it! We both happen to be very creative and enjoy scrapbooking as teenagers. I just began scrapbooking a year ago and am eager to start learning more techniques and ways to do things. But the only places that sells scrapbook things is Joann Fabrics. When i came into your store i was basically in heaven! (haha) I really liked your samples and ecspesially the "love book" that was from valentines day. You should consider selling them! Scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies now and i love that i can keep them and pull them out when family is over! It also teaches me things i would have NEVER imagined! Thanks for your inspiration and support! Your awesome!"
...Erin :D

"Dear Jane, Jenn, Melissa, Glennie and Matt!
Thanks so much for an absolutely wonderful evening! I had a blast at VIP night! You are all so generous of your time and talents. Everything was perfect. An evening of fun, food and friends. What a lot of work to put on! I hope your are all recovering! Take care!"
... Holly

"You guys . . . you certainly know how to make a {creative chick} feel like a VIP! Last night's event was packed with so much fun: awesome make and takes, great bargains, fun prizes (especially cuz I won a couple of them), yummy goodies. I would be remiss if I failed to mention the tasty summer fruity martinis and, and of course, the cool bartender. Matt, you rock! And so do you Jayne, Jenn, Melissa and Glenni. How in the world are you going to top this one? Thanks a bunch!"

"Your pet album class was really lots of fun. Am working on completing it with lots of cat photos! Will show it to you when it is done! Don't know if you realize it when you (and others) teach, but participating in your classes isn't just a great way to get a project done or to learn a new is a wonderful escape from the "every day"!! I needed that and it worked! Thanks for a fun evening!!"

"I had the best time today at your store an in my Ali Edwards classes! You have a fantastic store! I love all of your way cool product. I think you are so inviting and friendly and welcoming. I love the talent you exude, the projects all around the store, and I just love coming in! Thanks for having Ali up and for sharing her with us. Thanks for everything! I really look forward to seeing you again soon."

"I have spent the last hour or so looking through your website. AMAZING. Life is officially unfair (I live in the UK and you are in the US).  The classes you offer are stunning and the pictures on your site are truly inspirational. I saw so many thing that I would love to do. Many ideas I had never seen before, I especially like the lunchbox. BRILLIANT. Thank you for getting my creative imagination into gear."

"I was in your store last week and just love it! Thanks for keeping so up to date, and being so creative with your displays and samples! I am always inspired when I come into your store! Thank you."

"Hi creative chicks!
I'm so glad you thought of the flip flop contest and I'm so glad that I WON!!! Thank you everyone (especially those who voted for the red sox flip flops) and I'll see you at my free class soon!!"